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Tell Congress: Update our lock and dam infrastructure.


Supporting biennial Water Resources Development Acts (WRDA), legislation authorizing Corps of Engineers’ work on locks and dams, dredging and other Civil Works water projects critical to the Nation.


Maintaining water resources bills on an every two-year cycle is important to the continuation of modernizing our lock and dam infrastructure - a vital part of America's supply chain, the envy of the world, but infrastructure that needs maintenance and recapitalization to ensure the future of America's inland waterway transportation network. 




Past Support for WRDA



WRDA policies are critical to our nation’s inland waterways, which provide and sustain more than a half-million jobs, support exports, and protect the environment. The waterways help relieve traffic congestion, and are the safest, most energy-efficient mode of surface transportation. Waterways are vital to our agriculture, manufacturing and energy sectors. Going back to the 2014 Water Resources Reform Development Act (WRRDA), this legislation has been signed into law every two years since.


WRDA bills have strong bi-partisan support in Congress to authorize the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to perform various water-related, water resources projects within their Civil Works mission.

Letters of Support: Navigation & Ecosystem Sustainability Program (NESP)


Where We Stand

2024 will be a key year for advancing policies that support barge transportation. YOU can help! Follow the link to contact your Senators and House Representative, and tell them barges are a vital part of our Nation's supply chain.


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